Join us to learn how to identify butterfly species, with a practical excursion in the afternoon.

The recording of insects is a difficult venture due to their diversity and the lack of experts. Therefore, one group of flying insects is often used as an indicator for other species. As butterflies are well studied, they are often used. They are more charismatic than other insects, such as flies, and with only about 80 species in Luxembourg, easier to recognise.

On Saturday, 18 June, SIAS and Bee Together are organising an introductory course in English on the butterflies of Luxembourg. The theoretical component will take place in the morning, starting at 9:00 am. We will pause for a picnic lunch (please bring one!), after which, if the weather is favourable, we will go outside to learn about counting butterfly species. The venue in Grevenmacher will be communicated to those who have registered. Please register for the event on or before 16 June by sending an email with your first name, last name and the name of your commune to m.​clemens@​sias.​lu

The tentative content for the course is :

1. Overview of pollinators in Luxembourg ;
2. What can I do to help pollinators ;
3. Recording biodiversity as citizen scientists (1);
4. Differences between moths and butterflies ;
5. Overview of butterfly families ; and
6. Determination of butterflies to species level.

During the afternoon’s excursion, participants will be working in smaller groups to identify butterflies that we catch.

We look forward to meeting you.